Step1.Search your printer driver



Step2.Click Drivers&Download




Step3.Choose your operating system




Step4.Install Printer Driver


Make sure Ink Level is appear


Step5.Install MegananoRIP


We recommend that you should use English.


Step6.Click Meganano RIP Print manager

(開啟Meganano RIP Print menager新增印表機)

Select your printer model and confirm that Parameter type is SPOOL,Driver Parameters must choose your printer model.

(選擇您的印表機型號,並且確定Parameter type為SPOOL,Driver Parameters務必選擇您的印表機型號)

Step6.Click Meganano RIP Server

(打開Meganano RIP Server)

Click Ignore (If you don't have dongle)


Step7.Click Meganano RIP Client

(打開Meganano RIP Client)

Step8.Setting your media size and resolutions,don't choose Composite device

(設定您的紙材大小以及解析度,並且不選擇Composite device)

Step9.Create a new jobstyle


Step10.Set your personal-setting of Screening



Job style name


According to your condition




Click  Default Screening type

(打開Default Screening type)


Step10.Click OK


Step10.Setting Printer Profiles



Only Bidirectional mode,Bidirectional correction,Halveresolution,Droplet size,Droplet type,Borderlessprinting,Drying time per scan and Drying time per page use the default value.



Step11.Click OK and Finish